The Camping Bares

You have reached the entrance portal to the Camping Bares Web site. We are a non-landed naturist group based in San Diego, in Southern California. As such, we participate in and support social nudity, especially the enjoyment of nudist and clothing-optional activities in outdoor settings where such practices are customary.

Ours is not a pornographic site. We are not a swinging or sex group. This is not a place to hit on or try to pick up women, men or children. This is not a place to view or collect pornography; there are only a few images on this site; some depict social nudity, not sexual activities. If you are interested in sexual liaisons or pornography, please go elsewhere.

You may enter this site if you meet all of the following requirements:

If you decide to enter this site, you assume personal responsibility for any offense you may take. If you don't like what you see, do not complain to us or anyone else; you entered voluntarily.

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